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Body Piercing not long ago , was a not so well received endeavor in the eyes of the majority of society. Most of those practicing piercing, were forced to remain very much in the shadows, and some of the original pioneers of the industry, had even faced criminal charges for continuing to engage in piercing activity, after authorities had outlawed these type of procedures.
Present day piercings have become more acceptable to a great extent, and the once primitive practices have found their place in modern day culture.

Though more acceptable and certainly more popular, there are still some very hard line facts that one should weigh before choosing the path of pierce.

Q: With so many places offering piercing services and a dramatic range on pricing and selection. What is what and what/who is best ?

A: As with any other type of art there is really no best. Every piercer has his/her own style and preferences, developed through their own personal experiences. Trust in your piercer is a must!!! This will ultimately decide on not who is best, but rather whom is best for you.

Q: What is the difference of pricing/ jewelry?

A: Pricing is normally a good indicator of how reputable the shop/piercer is as well as what to expect of the quality they are using with their tools/jewelry. An average sterile setup costs anywhere from 30-40 dollars after taking into account the cost of materials to be used. Knowing this... then a place offering 20 dollar piercings,
Is certain to be cutting some corners somewhere along the way, or they'd be lucky to break even at the end of the day. This calls back to the Too Good to Be True mentality. If it seems that way than it most likely is!!
One thing that really plays into a well done piercing is the quality of jewelry. Industry standard is surgical steel. Though most people will be ok with your regular 316l steel there are many other types of metal that will prove a much safer and healthier alternative. Handcrafted jewelry, with metals such as 316 LVM, Titanium, and Niobium are just a few. It can be a little confusing to the average person,which comes back to trusting your piercer in the first place . A good piercer is going to be knowledgeable about what is going to be the best choice of jewelry and why. A reputable jewelry company will only carry reputable jewelry, and a reputable body piercer will only deal with reputable companies. This is In order to provide their customers with the best available. This brings us back around to the pricing question, and why a higher price usually makes for a better experience. Look at piercing in terms of an investment, spend a little more now and save in the long run ,through avoiding much of the hassle (allergic reactions ,infections , lost jewelry ect.. )that can coincide with cheap sub standard jewelry and practices. Though piercings aren't permanent, many people wear them like they are ,so spending a little more initially to get a better quality and a piece that fits you is never a bad idea. In short, you get what you pay for and body piercing is no exception!!

If you have any questions on piercings ,or piercing related subjects, feel free to contact Savanna at the shop.

November 26, 2016