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Body Art. The difference between...

Body Art. The difference between...

Body art over the last decade has radically evolved pushing the envelope artistically, our capabilities are like never before. The industry has truly proven itself a force to be reckoned with.

Through TV shows,social media ,clothing lines ,etc. the industry has become very popular and more socially accepted than ever before At the same time. Just because you can doesn't mean you should!!
With tattoo /piercing shops on every other corner it's hard to filter on who is going to do the best job for what your looking for. Fact of the matter is there is a lot of talent out there and there really is no best, it's more so about style and if it's conducive to the type of work you've envisioned.

Statistically for every good artist there's probaly 3 horrible. Poorly managed shops with absentee owners , inexperienced employees displaying cocky attitudes and more into turning a quick buck verses a professional service. On top of that the underground scene is worse than ever with wannabe rock star scratchers working from dusty basements and luring people in on bullshit credentials and cheap prices. There's a lot more to sterile than a needle in a package!!

To save a few bucks the longterm price you pay can be severe. With no knowledge of sterilization /cross contamination the risk of spreading communicable blood diseases such as hepatitis/aids in addition to staff infections, such as Mersa are a serious concern.
Not to mention 99 percent of the time it's less than a week before your standing in your local tattoo shop asking "can you fix this?" and settling on some big black tribal piece to hide your $ 40 ink abortion.

There Is a responsibility that comes along with any type body art and it is important that you find a shop/artist that follows suit with this. Generally the vibe you get walking through the door is your first impression and a good indication of what kind of place your in. A shop doesn't have to be huge or brand new but it should definitely be clean. Portfolios are a must when searching for an artist.Your about to let someone do a permenant marking to your body and You've one chance to get it right. You really want to make sure that whom your commissioning has the capabilities/experience to pull off what your looking for and if anything surpass your expectations.So be sure to keep this In mind on your next venture into whatever type modification be it ink /piercing,branding etc. Do your homework and be safe. Good luck and Godspeed

January 22, 2016