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Tattoo Aftercare

  1. In one hour remove cover and gently wash off any excess ink, or blood with dial antibacterial soap. Do not use a washcloth use your hand, and let air dry.
  2. Apply a thin layer of one of the following ointments: Aqua Tatt or A&D
  3. Wash tattoo three times a day and apply ointment ( light skim coat) as needed to keep the tattoo moist. Some tattoos may scab more than others depending on the individual, and the area in which the tattoo is on. Never pick scabs! 
  4. There is no need to recover the tattoo unless the piece is going to be exposed in a dirty environment such as a greasy kitchen or a construction type job.
  5. For the first 2 weeks: do not swim in a chlorine pool, soak in a bath or hot tub. Do not expose to sun or tanning booths! Do not shave over new tattoo! By about the 3rd day into the healing process the tattoo will usually start to go into what is known as the flaking process. This is very much like a heal from a sunburn. Where you will actually shed your skin.
  6. An allergic reaction to ointment looks like small pimples on or around the tattoo. Discontinue the ointment immediately wash the skin let it dry out for a few hours and switch over to an all natural vitamin e oil
  7. All tattoos fade a bit,The brightness of your tattoo depends on the coloration, thickness, and uniformity of the skin. Fair skin will have brighter colors, darker skin less vibrant colors.
  8. Touch ups are done at no charge as long as you let us know you will need one within the first 30 days following your visit. If you request a touch up after the stated time you will be required to pay shop minimum or fee agreeable to the artist.

Piercing Aftercare

  1. CLEAN AND PROTECT/ Wash the pierce twice a day morning and night with one of the following products, dial antibacterial soap, Bactine,H2Ocean. After washing, dry the pierce holes, jewelry, and the surrounding areas with Q-tips or kleenex continue this until the pierce is healed.
  2. COMFORT/ It is very important to make sure the new pierce is kept comfortable. Piercings that rub against tight clothes, or are touched and played with, hit or pulled by accident can permanently damage the pierce or never allow it to heal. Also weight gain, sit down or lots of bending jobs could ruin a navel pierce. So be cautious and keep your piercing comfortable.
  3. IRRITATION/ If your piercing starts to act up, follow the new pierce instructions until the irritation subsides.
  4. INFECTION/ If your pierce is infected it will be extremely red and will have a sharp pain in it, it may also be hot to touch, or you may have a bubble or puss pocket underneath the skin. You do not have to remove the jewelry but you do need to kill the infection. If you have a puss pocket under the skin it must be pushed out of your skin (like a pimple) in a bowl of hot water put two tablespoonfuls of salt and mix, dip a clean washcloth in the salt water then place the hot compress on the pierce, continue to do this for ten to twenty minutes at a time. The heat and salt will draw the infection to the skins surface, after you take the compress off press around the pierce( with clean hands) or if you have a bubble press around it (like a pimple) continue to do this three times a day or until the bubble bursts, you can also buy tea tree oil from any drugstore and apply this to the bubble 3 to 4 times a day the tea tree oil usually clears up any bumps or bubbles. Once you get it to burst keep pressing around it and keep cleaning it. This may hurt and bleed but it must be done. If the bubble does not burst within 1 month seek medical attention immediately.

Average Healing Times | Ear: 2-6 Months  |  Surface: 2-6 Months

Navel: 3-12 Months  |  Eyebrow: 2-6 Months  |  Septum: 6-8 Weeks

Nostril: 2-6 Months  |  Nipple Man: 4-8 Weeks  | Nipple Woman: 8-12 Weeks

Ear Aftercare

  2. HEALING/ While you are healing you will have some swelling and redness around the piercing, also their will be a white or slightly yellow secretion that will come out of the piercing this is a normal part of healing.
  3. BUMPS/Should you notice a bump or bubble near your pierce you can buy some tea tree oil from any drug store, apply the oil to the bump 3 to 4 times a day along with your normal cleaning routine. If the bump does not subside within a month come back to see me.
  4. Average healing times/ lobe 4-8 weeks tragus 2-6 months rook 2-6 months industrial 2-6 months

Oral Aftercare

  1. Cleaning/ Rinse your mouth with any mouthwash at least 2 to 3 times a day to clean the inside of your mouth. Also make sure you gently brush your tongue clean while brushing your teeth.
  2. Cleaning/ To clean the outside of your lip piercing you can use either dial antibacterial soap, bactine, or h2ocean. Clean the pierce 2 to 3 times a day until it is healed. remember never touch your new pierce with unwashed hands, touching a new pierce with dirty hands will lead to infection.
  3. Swelling/ Try to talk as little as possible, talking will increase swelling. Taking ibupfofen will help minimize any swelling. Always keep an eye on the pierce if the jewelry becomes to tight you must have a longer post put in at once.
  4. Eating/ For the first few days eat soft foods that don’t require much chewing. Trying to chew solid food will hurt and could further traumatize the pierce. Avoid any spicy or acidy foods these will cause burning and irritation, chew and talk carefully, accidently biting the jewelry could tear the pierce.
  5. Infection/ Should the piercing become infected you can use a product calles glyoxide you can buy this at any drugstore. Apply a few drops directly into the pierce hole 3 times a day along with your normal cleaning routine.

Average Healing Times | Tongue: 4-12 weeks  |  Lip: 2-4 months  |  Cheeks: 3-9 months