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Body Piercing

By Appointment Only


I've been professionally body piercing for just about 7 years now, and wouldn't trade it for the world. Since I was young I've always had an infatuation with body piercing. My first few were self inflicted and I can remember these provoked a few good battles with my mom at the time. The fact that she was dead set against anything besides an ear pierce, just made anything other all the more appealing to me, and those first few piercings helped pave the path to where I am and who I am today.

Whatever the reasoning behind your own piercing, be it teenage defiance, midlife crisis, or on a spontaneous whim after a night on the town. I want to make sure that it's done the right way, and that my clients are knowledgeable on what they are getting and what is involved in the individual aftercare of each pierce.

As far as the piercings, I offer just about all of them with the exception of male genitalia and a few high risk exotics. We also carry a wide selection of body jewelry for healed piercings as well. From standard earrings, to larger gage plugs, tunnels, hangers, and etc. If we don't have what you need in stock we can usually add it to our next order for no additional charge.

When I'm not at the shop piercing, I spend my down time entertaining my 10 year old daughter and our two ragdoll cats. I am also a licensed cosmetologist and a part time model. Last but not least I have spent the last couple years studying magick -The art of utilizing natural forces around us to bring about change. Thanks again for taking the time to visit my page. If you have any inquiries feel free to contact me at anytime, and hope to see you soon.